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Q.  When I go to login, it just sits on "looking for the AnyMeeting App..."

If you have never installed our application:

If it has been more than 1-2 minutes (usually it takes about 10 seconds) then you will want to do the following:
  1. Close your web browser
  2. Check any anti virus or firewall software to ensure it is not alerting you to a block
  3. Make sure that any pop up blockers are configured or off
  4. Open a new web browser (IE, Edge, Safari or Firefox) and try again 

If the problem continues, you will need to recheck the above or if you are on a corporate network, you may need to contact your IT Department.

If you have already installed our application previously:

Please navigate to your Start Menu (Windows) or App Finder (Mac) and open the application directly.

Q.  The application makes me install it every time?

Once you have installed the Desktop Application it is now available to run as you wish.

For Windows, please see your Start Menu.

Windows 7:

Windows 10:

Mac users please see your Application Finder if you did not pin the icon to your tray yet.

The application installs just once.  However, if you choose to login from your web browser instead of through the application, your web browser will look for the application.

Q: If I log in from browser it asks me to install the application again.

If you choose to log in from your web browser instead of through the application, your web browser will try to locate the installed application and pop-up message asking to run the application will appear.


If there are no pop-ups and it is asking to install the application, open the application directly from Start Menu or Finder.


If you already have installed the application, please take a look in your Start Menu or Apps (shown above) and open the application directly.



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