To ensure that you never have to go searching, we provide multiple touch-points for you as a Host to have easy access to your Conference Call number and PINs.

Here are the locations:

Under your Profile:


On the Phone Conferencing tab on your Account (click Account on the top navigation of your account page):

On the meeting details page for each of your scheduled meetings or webinars:


By Email:
Invitations, registrations and your own Reminder email that comes to you will have your Dial-in number and your Host PIN:


Last, inside your meeting or webinar look at the bottom of the Attendee list.  All you need to do is click on either your Meeting URL or Phone Number info and then paste to email, Instant Messenger etc... to share those and allow more people to hop in to your meetings.


All attendees may also see the dial-in information in their meeting invitations and reminder emails, as well as when they join your meeting or webinar and choose to dial in.


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