With Surveys, you have the ability to create Quizzies that can be scored immediately and all results are available in your Reports tab of the Webinar Details. Here's how!

You will start with the Survey Custom Questions section in the Survey of your Webinar.

When you check the Enable Scoring of Custom Questions checkbox, it will expand and reveal the various options.

If you would like the attendee taking the Quizzie to see their results, check the first checkbox and choose the percentage they have to achieve in order to be considered a passing score. In this example, they must get at least 75% of the questions correct to pass.

You have the option to show a text message, redirect them to a URL, or do nothing other than log the results by clicking the Text, URL or None options in that section respectively. If you choose to show text, you can show one message if they pass and a different message if they fail.

If you choose to redirect them to a URL based on whether they passed or failed, just enter the URL you would like to send them to for each result in the fields provided!

When you redirect the person taking the Quizzie to those URLs, there are query strings attached to the end of the URL so that your webpage can access that information and do with it what you like. These query strings include p = t/f (pass = true or false), pre = 0-100% (Percentage correct = 0% - 100%), fn (First Name), ln (Last Name), e (Email Address), and t (Meeting Title).


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