As an attendee in a webinar, you will first be in what is called the Green Room if you arrive prior to the webinar starting. Your host is able to update the message on the screen if needed to keep you informed.


Once your webinar begins, you will be taken to the main webinar area and there you will have interaction tools available such as:

  • emojis to let your host know how you are feeling during their webinar:

  • Q&A - you can ask questions of your host or participate in an open question and answer session:


When your host posts your question, they will answer it audibly during the webinar:


If you wish to use your telephone for audio or if you want to switch from telephone to microphone, just click the telephone icon at the top of your screen for choices:


dial in

When your host goes On Air or starts the webinar, they will typically show you a presentation. The icons for you to send an emoji or ask a question remain at the top of your screen for you to continue to ask questions or let your host know how you are feeling during their webinar.  You will also see if the webinar is being recorded and on the right hand corner, you can make the presentation full screen for your view.



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