To control your Attendee list and Chat windows showing during your Webinar, navigate to the additional options menu at the top of the page and click on Webinar Options:

In this sample we have the Attendee list OFF and Chat is ON.

When you select Private Only, Attendees will not be able to use Public Chat. They will only be able to send a Private chat to Presenters.

If you want an Attendee to speak or present material during your Webinar, you may promote them manually.

To promote an attendee to a Guest Presenter:

  1. Mouse over their name and Click for more options

    webinar options
  2. Select Promote to presenter


To remove an attendee from webinar:

  1. Mouse over their name and Click for more options

    More options
  2. Select Remove from the meeting

    Remove from meeting
  3. Confirm the choice.


The attendee will receive the following notification that they have been removed.

You can also see that you will easily know what your audience is feeling as you progress by the emoji's at the top of the attendee list.

Remember that all Attendees in your Webinar are muted. In order for them to speak, you will need to promote them to Presenter.

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