To schedule a meeting:

Meeting only plan customers will see this:

meeting button

Webinar Plan customers will see this button:

webinar button

  1. Click Schedule a meeting / webinar
  2. Fill in the areas required, title, time, etc. Set recurrence, if needed, by checking the This is a recurring meeting box. You can choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly and schedule accordingly:

  3. Once complete, you will be automatically taken to the meeting details page where you can make changes if you like:


You may also copy your information from your account using the Copy link at the top of your account to use in an email or chat to invite people:

copy link

You may also use Zapier combined with your favorite event planner or calendar such as Eventbrite, Mailchimp or Constant Contact.  See more about Zapier integration here.

To cancel your scheduled event, click on the meeting title:

Then click the Cancel Event button:

Confirm and your event is now cancelled.


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