System requirements to join a meeting: 

  • Windows 7 and higher / Mac OSX 10.8 or Linux/Ubuntu 
  • Newest version of Chrome Web Browser
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge and Safari may be used but will require our Desktop Application
  • Wired Broadband (if possible) internet connection with an Upload and Download speed of 1 Mbps or more

To join a meeting, click the corresponding button:

  • in the email invitation


  • or in the post with the URL to the Meeting page on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

The meeting will open in your web browser or our application on your computer. You will be prompted to enter your information.

Login prompt

Important: check your Pop-up blockers. The meeting window opens in a new browser window.

When you enter the meeting for the first time, choose your Audio source. By default, computer audio is selected. Choose DIAL-IN FOR AUDIO if you would like to use the telephone. Your choice will be remembered by your browser each time you join a new meeting.

Meeting Code:

When you join a meeting you will join from an email invitation.  That invitation has the URL or meeting code embedded in the Join Meeting Online button.  Just click that in your email and it will join you to the meeting.

If your browser or the application did not automatically join you to your meeting, please try again by clicking the Join Meeting Online button in the email again.


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  • Excluding U.S. Holidays