Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Attendees about joining a meeting.

Q.  Do I have to create an AnyMeeting account in order to attend my meetings?

A.  Not at all.   Participants who are planning on attending a scheduled meeting do not need to be signed up with AnyMeeting beforehand. Only the host presenter needs to have signed up for an account with AnyMeeting.      

Q.  I received an invitation to a meeting. How do I join the meeting?

A.  To join an event, simply click the button in the invitation email for the event. Fill out the required information and click Join the Meeting.      

Q.  I am on the call but no one can hear me?

A.  The Meeting Host may have muted you.  Click the icon next to your name (mic or phone icon) to un mute yourself. 

In a Webinar, you will be muted and cannot speak.  Use the Q&A tool at the top of the screen.

Q.  I couldn't login to the meeting, it said it has ended.

A.  You will want to check with the meeting Presenter.  Perhaps the meeting was cancelled or ended early.

Q.  I missed a meeting. How can I watch it?

A.  Meeting hosts that are subscribed to AnyMeeting Pro have the option of recording their live meetings.  Please contact the meeting host directly to check if there is a recording available.      

Q.  The Presenter sounds choppy, goes in and out.

A.  Check your connection first, make sure that you are on a stable connection.  If you are on computer audio try switching to phone.  Sometimes phone is best when your connection is not strong.  Otherwise you may want to message the Presenter that they are hard to hear.  Sometimes Presenters don't realize they need to adjust their mic and speakers or may be on a cell phone (never a good idea).

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