The article contains system requirements for presenters.


  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 / Mac OSX 10.9 and above / Linux/Ubuntu
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Chrome 49 or newer
  • High speed Broadband internet connection with Upload and Download speed of 1 Mbps or more (Recommended speed of 2 Mbps for better performance)

Hosts: Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari

  • You will be required to use our Desktop Application. You will be automatically prompted to install on those browsers.

    Important: the desktop application is not supported on Windows 7 32bit

Audio Requirements

  • USB headset, webcam or integrated microphone
  • Or telephone audio: cell phones, VOIP phone or landline


  • use of a WiFi connection may not provide the best audio experience as WiFi may be less stable. We recommend a hardwire connection or that you use telephone for best results on a WiFi connection
  • some VOIP services do not allow connecting to conference call services. Should you experience trouble calling in, try an alternate telephone device