Here are some common questions about attending meetings:

Q.  What do I do if I receive an "Unable to connect to the presentation" error message?

A.  This may indicate that you are behind a firewall that is not allowing you to connect to the meeting. Please visit our  System Test for more details regarding the current status of your system. If the system test connection fails you may need to modify your firewall settings to allow communication on port 80 and port 1935.
Please note: Modifying your firewall settings has the potential to alter your system's security status and should therefore only be undertaken if absolutely necessary. Most users do not need to make any modifications to their firewalls. Please review the Connection Troubleshooting guide prior to modifying your firewall settings to ensure your issue is not connectivity related.

Q.  When I go to join, I just get a message "You've just attended an AnyMeeting".

Please check your web browser, your meeting opens in a new window.  The Thank You page is not the meeting window.  There is a second window dedicated to your meeting.

Look at your toolbar, there are 2 web browser tabs:

Q.  Why can't I dial into a conference call?

A.  If you are using a VoIP service, some providers sometimes block free conference calling providers because of the costs that the phone provider has to pay to connect the call.  In this case, you will need to call your phone provider and let them know of your situation and ask them to resolve it.

If you are not experiencing what we describe above, please verify the phone number and area code and try again.

Q.  Why is the screen sharing slow / blurry / poor quality?

A.  This is usually because of an internet connection issue, either on the presenter's side or on the audience members’ side.

Here's a few best practices as well:

1.  For best experiences we recommend a hard-wired (No Wireless) broadband connection.

2.  Make sure to set your screen resolution to a maximum of 1280x1024.

3.  A viewer can also control how the screen is displayed. If it’s too small, they can hover their mouse cursor over the Screen Sharing window, click on “Actual Size”, and this will zoom the screen. Pressing "Fit to Screen" will make the presenter’s screen fit into the Screen Sharing window.

Q.  Where can I take the System Test?  What does it to?

You can access our system test by visiting the following link:


If your system meets the minimum requirements to participate in a meeting, then you should see the following:



You can choose to do some additional testing if you want. This would be recommended for presenters to ensure that everything you're using is fully compatible with our software.


To check your network settings to make sure that your computer can reach our servers, just press the "Click here to test your network settings" option as shown below:



To check if your webcam and microphone is properly recognized by our software, just press the "Click here to test your webcam and microphone" option as shown below:



To check if your speakers are properly recognized by our software, just press the "Click here to test your speakers" option as shown below:



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