Below is a collection of frequently asked questions we receive from Presenters:

Q.  What do the advertisements look like in my meetings?

A.  The advertisements shown in a meeting appear as a vertical banner on the right side of the meeting page as shown below.

Please note that any meeting participant who clicks on the advertisement shown during the meeting will have a new browser window or tab open that will direct them to the advertised site. They will not leave the meeting accidentally from clicking on the ad.

Q.  What if a participant can't see my screen when Screen Sharing?

A.  If there is one participant or attendee experiencing this issue, then have them close their browser window and re-enter the meeting (preferably in a different web browser).

If many or all participants cannot see your screen, you will need to restart the screen sharing session by pressing the "Share" button and choosing the "Screen Share" option that should appear.

If this does not resolve the issue, close your meeting application window (DO NOT click End Meeting) and re-enter the meeting by going to your Account Manager and clicking on Enter Active Meeting.

Q.  Why is the text window on my Invitation reporting more characters than I pasted in?

A.  This is more than likely because text was copied from Microsoft Word or similar word processing software (which includes email services like Outlook or Gmail). These word processors include "invisible" characters to tell the program how to format the text, and are being copied along with the text.

To use the text that was just typed:

Copy and paste it first into Notepad (or any other simple text editing software) then copy the text from Notepad into the message field in the invitation.  

Q.  How do I make it so that meeting attendees can not see each other on the Attendance List?

By default the Attendance List is private and cannot be seen by meeting attendees.

However, to share the Attendance List with all of the meetings Attendees, you would need to first click on the Attendees button:

 Attendees button  

The Attendees list will appear, then click on the Left Arrow icon:

 Attendees List Add To Audience button

This will make the Attendance List visible to all Attendees.


To return the Attendance List to private, click on the Exit icon:

 Attendees List Make Private button

This will make the Attendance List only be viewable by the meeting Presenter(s).

Q.  Is there a limit to how long my recordings can be?

A.  There is currently no limit as to how long your recordings can be. Feel free to create your recordings for as long as you want.      

Q.  What are the system and browser requirements?

Minimum Requirements - Presenter

  • AnyMeeting Application installed on your computer
  • Windows XP and higher / Mac OSX 10.6 and higher**
  • Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 26, Chrome 30 or Safari 6 Web Browser *
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • High speed Broadband internet connection of 1 Mbps or more
  • Adobe Flash Player 12.x -- Click here to download
  • Turn off pop-up blockers or put in your allowed list
 **Beta versions of any web browser or Operating System are not supported.

Recommended Requirements - Presenter

  • Windows 7 and higher / Mac OSX 10.8 and higher**
  • Newest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari Web Browser *
  • 1280 x 1024 Screen Resolution
  • Wired (not WiFi) Broadband internet connection with an upload speed of 5 Mbps or more
  • Most recent version of Adobe Flash player:
  • Turn pop up blocker off or put in your allowed list
  •   **Beta versions of any web browser or Operating System are not supported.

**Linux Operating System is not supported at this time


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