• Say No to Wireless if possible: Please make sure all attendees, and more importantly, presenters, are not using wireless connections to the internet. The packet loss inherent in a wireless connection will translate directly to a loss of audio/video quality. If a hard wired connection is available, that is the best!
  • Save Resources: Please make sure there are an absolute minimum of other programs running in the background, especially any that may be utilizing your internet connection. Attendees would be well served by doing the same. As well, if you are on a shared connection, be aware that a high level of internet usage on this connection will of course decrease the available bandwidth for your webinar.
  • Check your connection Speed: You may want to see what your current upload and download speeds are. See our speed test HERE. After taking this test, please make sure your Upload speeds are at least 1Mbps (2Mbps recommended for Presenting). If it is not, you will want to contact your ISP or IT department and see what can be done to get this sort of capability.
  • Check connection stability: Check the stability of your internet connection on our guide HERE. This test, when run on the "San Jose, California (United States)" servers, which may not be selected by default, will give you a good idea as to the quality of your connection as related to our servers. A low grade here would be an issue you would want to bring up with your ISP or IT department.
  • Ports are important: If you are behind a firewall or a proxy server, please provide your network administrator or IT Dept. the following:

    For AnyMeeting we use the following ports:

    • 443 - Please allow inbound and outbound UDP traffic on this port.
    • 3478 TCP (Only if you have trouble screen sharing)

    You may also want to set the DNS to allow *anymeeting.com

**If you attempt to allow only by IP address, our service uses a large range of IP addresses in order to bring you audio, video etc... we can provide a list of IP addresses however these are subject to change and you would need to update them sporadically.