If your audio drops out please check the following to ensure your success with audio.

First rule of thumb to succeed with any resource intensive activity on a computer:

Restart your computer for fresh resources.


Our Top Recommendations for Audio Success:

What can you do to prevent audio echo?

Tip 1:  Check your equipment.  How many mics do you have on?  How many mics do you see below?


If you said 1 - you will want to learn more about your computer peripherals for full control.  There are 3 mics above.  1 on the laptop (built-in), 1 on the web cam (built-in) and the other is a stand alone mic.  That is 3 places on your desk picking up your voice.  Disable all but 1 mic.

Tip 2:  Speakers are trouble!  They produce Echo.


When you use a microphone on your desk, it picks up the sound from your speakers.  We strongly recommend a headset.  If you don't have a headset, to reduce the amount of echo, all attending need to move the microphone and speakers as far apart as possible or turn your speakers down until just audible. 

Tip 3: How many people are on headsets and are in the same room with each other?  
The headset mics will pick up sound in the room.  If others are at their desks and are in the meeting as well, they will hear each other in their mics.  Using Listen Only mode is best or advise your Attendees to Mute themselves.


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