Meeting Pro and Meeting Lite plans only

To see how to start a quick meeting on Webinar plans, please view our guide here.

To start up a quick unscheduled meeting, just follow the steps shown below:

1) After logging in to your account, just click the "Start a Meeting Now" button.

2) After clicking the "Start a Meeting Now" button, your next steps will be to optionally enter the name of your meeting and the email addresses of people you wish to invite. Multiple email addresses need to be separated by a comma. If there is a message you would like to convey to your attendees, enter it into the message box. Once you have finished this step, click "Start Now".

To schedule a meeting, see our quick overview here.

Important:  The above method does not start your Scheduled meeting.  To start your scheduled meeting please use the button provided next to your meeting title.

You may start a scheduled meeting up to 1 hour prior to the meeting time.  The button will show as bright green and be clickable.  Here is a quick look:


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