At any time during a meeting you may switch to telephone for audio:

  1. In the top menu, click the handset icon to switch to Phone:

  2. Confirm you would like to switch:

  3. You will see the dial-in information including your Audio PIN


Important: Pairing your phone connects your phone presence to your online presence (your name). If you do not pair your phone when you enter the online event, you will be reminded to do so as shown in this example:


As a Meeting Host, we make available to you certain controls by using your phone keypad while in your meeting by phone, or on a conference call: 

  • Press *2 to Lock your meeting - *2 again to Unlock your meeting.
  • Press *5 to mute all except yourself.
  • Press *6 to unmute yourself. 
  • Press *9 to record your call - *9 again to stop recording.

Recording a call does not require a web meeting or that you schedule a Phone Conference. You may record any call you make with your dial in number and pins. Once recorded, that recording will be available to you on your account page under Recordings. 

When you use these commands, you will hear an audio announcement confirming the command has executed. 


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