Introducing our new Practice Room for Webinar Presenters.

You may now host a Practice session of your upcoming meeting *at any time* prior to the scheduled meeting.  Just click the Practice button:

Your meeting application will open a PRACTICE meeting as shown below.  You can run your powerpoint, test audio, do anything you like to make sure you and your co-presenters are ready to go.

When you are done, you click End Meeting and it will stop the Practice session:

Afterwards you will see your practice listed in Past Meetings.  You may practice as many times as you like prior to your scheduled meeting and again, whenever you like. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Practice mode is available up to 1 hour prior to your scheduled webinar.  

IMPORTANT:  You must end your Practice webinar prior to your scheduled webinar and start the scheduled webinar.  Attendees will not be able to join you in a Practice webinar.

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