We provide 2 ways for presenter to utilize a registration page on their upcoming meeting!  If you are scheduling a meeting and want to create a registration page immediately, follow these steps:

1) Log into your account, and click on the blue "Schedule" button and choose "Webinar".

2) You will be directed to the "Create E-mail Invitation" section.  Fill out the details. *

Click here to learn how to create a recurring series!

3) Once you have chosen a date/time and title, you can click "Next" at the bottom.

4) You are now on the "Create Registration Form" section.  Here you will be able to customize the registration page with information you want from your attendees.  You can even charge for your meetings and password protect them.

We provide the following options for the registration form:
  • Header Text
  • Standard Fields (You can have attendees fill in their address, city, state and other details you like)
  • Custom Fields (Create custom questions that your attendees can answer)
  • Footer Text
  • Terms of Service
  • Notification and Reminders (Have automatic reminders be sent out for registered users)
  • Additional Options (Password protect meetings or provide a limit on how many users can register)

5) Once you have finalized the registration form, click "Next" and it will direct you to the survey form.  If you do not wish to utilize a survey, click on the skip button.

6) You will now see a preview of what the registration page will look like.  Click "Finish" and you have a meeting scheduled with a registration page!

What happens if you scheduled a meeting without a registration form?  You can add one to it!

1) Log into your account and go to your upcoming meetings.  Click on the meeting title.

2) In the meeting details, under "Meeting Information and Options", see the button:

3) You will click on  "Add Registration Form" and this will enable the registration.  The attendee tab will now be renamed as "Registrations" and you will now see 3 buttons appear.  You can simply click on "Edit Registration Form".

4) Fill in your registration form the way you like it and click "Next" to finalize it!

With your registration form, you can also brand it with your own logo!  To do so follow the steps found in our guide here to upload an image for the registration form.

Once you have chosen an image, when the registration form is completed, attendees will see the following:

You will now have a registration form for your scheduled meeting!

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