Below is what you will see as a Presenter and the controls you will have over the Attendee list and chat window as a Webinar Pro subscriber.

Remove the chat window from view so that no one can chat:


You can still see the chat by clicking the icon at the top of the screen:


To restore chat to the side bar, click Add to audience view:


Enable sounds so that you will hear a ding when a new message is typed in the window:


Allow Attendees to type in chat but only Presenters will see the chat:


Clear the chat history, erase all chat:


To remove the Attendee list from view so others cannot see who is in the chat.


You can see how many people are joining or leaving your meeting, the counter will update dynamically:


You can click on the icon to see who is in your meeting or to Promote someone without exposing the list:


You can restore this to view by clicking Add to audience view:


To see the chat controls in a Meeting, click here.

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