If you had previously scheduled a meeting in which you had enabled the registration feature (which would require the Invitees to register first in order to attend the meeting) it is possible to export the list of Attendees to a .CSV by clicking a button within your AnyMeeting account. Then, you can easily import the .CSV into a new meeting that you are scheduling. This process makes it possible to “Pre-Register” for your invitees. Your invitees would not need to register for this new meeting as they would have already done so for a previous meeting. Their name, email address and password (if the password feature was utilized) would be copied into our software for the new meeting. You will be able to decide if you want our software to email the invitees the meeting URL for the new meeting or not. You can also choose whether to use the previous attendee passwords or have our software automatically assign and email new passwords to the attendees.

Here is how it works:

1. Login to the AnyMeeting account and go to the Past Meetings area found on the My Meetings page.


2. Then locate the webinar you wish to Export the list from and click the title to go to the details page.

3. Next, click on Registrations & Invitations and click to Export List to CSV:


4. Open the CSV file and make sure that the format is correct. It will need to consist of 3 or 4 columns in this exact order: First name, Last name, Email Address and Password (if you want to re-use the same meeting passwords). If any other columns, headers or data is present, simply right click on the column header and select Delete. When the format is correct, save the file on your computer in a place where you can easily find it. Here is what the CSV should look like:


CSV Example


5. Now go forward and schedule a new webinar. Enter all the relevant information you like and then click the Finish button. Please keep in mind that there is no need to enter email addresses in the Attendees field, unless you would like to invite others to register for the new webinar, as you will be importing the CSV from a previous webinar and auto-registering those Attendees rather than sending each Attendee an email asking them to register for the new webinar).


6. Then, go back to the Registrations & Invitations tab of the new webinar that was recently scheduled and select the Import From CSV option. (This will allow you to take the previously Exported CSV file that was saved to your computer and upload the data to a new meeting in order to automate the Registrations for your Attendees):


7. Next, select the options you would like for the auto-registrations. Then click the Choose File button and locate the CSV file on your computer and then click OK:

See options above as well to send emails or Generate passwords.

8. The CSV data will be populated onto your new webinar Registrations. If you had selected the option to Send Registration Emails, the meetings Attendees will receive emails with the meeting details:


** You may also create your own CSV and Import this to any Webinar Registration to manually Register a group of attendees.


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