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Presenters Basics – Quick guide for hosting meetings and webinars

If you want to have a great meeting or webinar, preparation is critical.  No platform is plug_and_play; it relies on your technology such as computer and internet.  AnyMeeting is providing you amazing tools to present like a pro!

Before your meeting or webinar:

Equipment – Technology prep

ü  Use a hard-wired connection not wireless if possible – wireless is prone to choppiness.

ü  Plug your laptop in, don’t rely on Battery.

ü  Use a headset if none is available use ear buds, not speakers or you risk audio echo.

ü  Give your computer a fresh reboot, resources are important.

ü  Ask others (if on a home network) to stop using the internet while you are presenting.

ü  If you are on a corporate network, try a meeting and screen sharing to make sure the proper ports are open on the office firewall. You may need to consult with your IT Department.

Environment – Check your surroundings

ü  Examine your surroundings, make sure the dog is outside, that the phone is on silent and that you are not interrupted or distracted.

ü  Check your background if using webcam; is the sun coming in the window behind you? Are there people sitting behind you that don’t want to be on camera?  Is there a lot of activity behind you or in the room that will cause your webcam to lose focus?  Make sure your background is darker than your foreground and is professional.  People should be focused on you, not what kind of window dressings you have.

ü  Check your audio. Are you using a cell phone? Make sure you have earbuds.  Are you using speakers with an open microphone? You will likely have echo if you do not use headphones instead of speakers as your speakers play back into your mic.  Do a test with an external attendee.

ü  Upload your presentation in advance to ensure it’s ready to go, give it a quick review.

ü  If you have co-presenters, send them a checklist to get ready for the webinar so they will be as confident as you presenting and schedule a Dry Run with them.  Don’t wait until the main event to get to know them.  Check their technology and resources, do an audio check etc. in advance.  Download our Guest Presenter guide here.


Webinar Tools:

ü  Practice, practice practice!  Run a test meeting or webinar and navigate through AnyMeeting’s App so you feel confident and secure with your meeting options.  Meetings have different features over webinars; make sure you know the difference.

ü  As a Pro subscriber you have live support available, if you need an attendee, grab an Agent through live chat to join you.

ü  Learn the features on AnyMeeting such as Audio Options, muting and un-muting, or promoting others to Presenter so you know how to control the session.  Some examples of what you should  know:

Attendee list and chat controls in a webinar

Sharing options – YouTube, PowerPoint or Desktop sharing

              Webinar Options


Going live!

Communicate with Attendees:

ü  Welcome your attendees and help them get settled.

ü  Are they muted? Let them know about the chat area.

ü  If unmuted, don’t forget to tell them how to mute themselves.

ü  Make sure anyone on a cell phone is muted.

ü  If anyone has speakers that are feeding back into their mic, mute them.

ü  Give them an outline of what you are doing today in the meeting.

ü  Let them know if you plan to record and if that will be available to them to see later.

ü  Keep them informed about after the meeting. For example, if there is a survey or a follow-up email.

An opening slide is a great way to greet your Attendees and provide them with any message you want in advance of the meeting. This should be your first slide.  Attendee comfort is paramount to your success.


Keep Attendees engaged:

ü  Keep it interesting … your muted audience is not silent by choice but could still be silent out of disinterest.

ü  Some topics are not the world’s most interesting but you or your slides can be!  Keep your audience engaged even if you go off topic for a moment.  Your audience needs stimulation to keep their attention.

ü  To learn more about what makes a great PowerPoint, check our Blog article on 5 shocking mistakes to avoid.


Own your Q&A Session:

ü  Be on time!  Don’t let your guest presenters go over time. You made a promise to your audience of when there would be Q&A, stick to your timeline.

ü  Be prepared to have a Q & A session with a list of questions of your own.  If no one has any questions, you don’t want silence when you open up for questions.  Make a list of 3-5 questions that you think people would ask, just in case.

ü  If you have a large group, organize the Q & A by having people ask in chat.  A small group is good for un-muting and talking freely.  Remember you can always mute anyone not really contributing.

ü  Set a time limit on Q & A so it doesn’t drag on and on.  People will start falling off of the meeting if there are no good questions.  Be sure to sound a warning such as “Time for one more question” and get ready to close.



Survey your Attendees:

Reviews make you stronger!  If you want to grow as a Presenter, ask your audience how you did.  You have a few options available on AnyMeeting:

  1. Create a survey in advance and make sure your audience knows that at the end they will receive a short survey so don’t close the meeting window before filling that out.
  1. You can create a Poll from your Account Manager before the meeting or on the fly. You can find out how your audience feels right there in the meeting. The results will be available to you on your account as well under the Polls tab.

3.      You can check on the mood of your audience while holding your meeting by simply asking them to tell you their mood.  They have an Interact button available.  This button is available in Webinars only.



But don’t be surprised if they were already playing with those buttons before you asked.


Follow up afterward

ü  Send attendees a follow-up email thanking them for their time or if you did not use a survey at the end of the webinar, now is a good time to send them that link.

ü  Send out your recording link (if recorded) and provide a link to the deck if you like.





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